BNL Licensing

With IMPACT 2016 on the Horizon and our summer events series picking up momentum, it’s time for everyone to start picking up their licenses!

You can do so by visiting their website, linked here.

The reason we mention this is because BNL no longer processes paper applications. We can not register you on the day-of for events, and one-day licenses are a one time deal. Once you are registered, though, you are able to participate in events across the island at no extra cost.

We also request that people who plan on attending our weekly group rides please register for at least a general membership. This includes our Thursday road rides, Tuesday MTB rides as well as our bi-monthly Time Trial rides. This provides insurance in the event of any incidents while riding.

Membership Fees:

UCI Adult 19+  $45

UCI Junior (17-18)  $40

UCI Youth (U17)  $30

General Membership (all ages)  $30

“That’s great, Cycle Solutions… but which one should I get?” 

We’re glad you asked…

General Membership 

A General Membership is included in all racing licenses. Only choose this if you are not purchasing a racing license.

Purchase a BNL General Membership if you wish to do any of the following:

  • ride or train with a BNL club (ie: Trail Build, Time Trial Series, Road Riding, MTB Riding, Slick Chicks etc…)
  • participate in any BNL club race series


Did you just say it allows you to race, but not to race!? 

Kind of, yes. The General Membership covers less competitive riders in our C and D categories, under the assumption they are less aggressive and competitive than Cat A and B riders — who could be seeking qualifying times for national and international events. So, in a nutshell, Cat C+D riders only need a General Membership to participate. Category A+B riders will need the UCI race license, with benefits listed below…

UCI Racing License (All Disciplines) 

Purchase a UCI/CCA BNL Race License if you wish to do any of the following:

  • compete in any BNL or regional race series
  • race outside the province
  • race as part of a team or club
  • belong to a BNL high performance, development or provincial team

This license also includes all of the privileges included in a General Membership.

And why be a BNL member if I don’t race? 

First of all, as we mentioned: Insurance. It is important you be covered in the event of an unforeseen incident. Anything can happen on a casual club ride as well as in the heat of a race. The West Coast Cycling Association will forthwith be requiring a general membership among its group riders. 

BNL licensing also goes to benefit cycling within the province, bolstering positive infrastructure and awareness of the sport. Investing in a BNL license is putting dollars towards programming and community building efforts.

And What About My Kids?

Children aged for Junior High and up are required to at least have a General Membership in order to participate in BNL sanctioned events. Kids in Elementary School and younger are not required to get a membership. However, in the case of our Wheels Of Thunder program, all participants are required to have a General Membership due to the specialized nature of the program. This is included in their program registration fees.

Any questions, please feel free to give us a call. 1 709 634 7100. wcca new