Online Registration for IMPACT 2016 is now LIVE!

This is our first West Coast Road Race of the season — an exciting two-day spin through the varied terrain of Pasadena, located in the heart of our Humber Valley.

Racers will spend the first stage on May 28th fighting against their personal best on the Steady Brook Time Trial track, 15k along Marble Drive. Stage two will take place on the following day, taking racers on a lap race on the roads of our favourite sleepy Newfoundland town. There are 80k, 64k and 40k options depending on your level of skill!

Please note: Registration for the weekend is ONLINE ONLY and available here.

BNL licensing is also required. You can see more information about that here.

This awesome even takes place in partnership with the Town of Pasadena, who have hosted for a few years now and have always been incredibly generous.

We’re also very excited to acknowledge the participation of Pasadena Foodland, who have graciously come on board as a sponsor this year to provide water and food for volunteers and participants!

After the event we’ll all head down to Oasis Grillhouse for some beachside snacks and celebrations. Racers will also have a chance to see the menu and pre-order ahead of time. You can take a quick sneek peek at the menu here.

You can take a detailed look at the TT Route Here.

Time Trial

And a detailed look at the RR Route Here.