Big ‘Ol Fun: Five Reasons to Ride Fat

It’s time to start riding fat, friends!

The benefits of a good winter ride are far reaching, no matter your background. The Fat Biking craze hasn’t caught on as a lark — it’s practical for many different reasons, and we’ll take a second of your time to outline them all below.

Winter Adventure: One of the primary reasons fat bikes are popular now is because of their ability to float in snow, making for yet another great winter sport — and means of commuting. If you’re looking to save some money on gas but can’t ride your spring/ summer commuter, then think of adding a Fat Bike into your arsenal! This versatile ride can handle anything you throw at it, which includes the salty slush of a wintry Main St. It’ll get you from point A to B faster than if you decided to run or walk, and it’ll keep your fitness in check along the way…

FatBikeNightOff-Season Training: Speaking of fitness: Don’t limit yourself to a gym this winter! Get out there, explore, and enjoy the outdoors. Fat bikes aren’t especially fast, but they’ll get you around. A hard-packed ginger route can be just as fun when the snow is down as it is in peak summer conditions. Pedalling is just as easy and efficient as any other bike, and we promise you’ll be surprised at how lightweight and nimble they can be. It’s like riding a cloud.

Year-Round Versatility: We weren’t exaggerating earlier when we mentioned how a fat bike is basically the renaissance ride of the cycling world right now. Fat is where it’s at because while it is popular in snow, it can also handle different similar conditions throughout the year. Take it onto a beach and ride away, or roll it over a rock-garden and feel the stability and control. manufacturers have been dialing in their bikes for years now to make efficient, capable bikes for people to ride in any environments. Fat Bikes are the result.

Great for Beginners: Because of the reasons outlined in #3, fat bikes are excellent for beginners in the mountain bike world. The wide tires provide extra stability, and lots of cushion on trails. If you’re a road cyclist (runner, trail runner, swimmer — anyone, really.) who needs some off-season cross training as well as a means to shake it up throughout the spring/ summer/ autumn, then a fat bike is for you. It’s even great if you’re new to cycling, because of its versatility and easy handling. There are also fat bikes for all ages, right now. If your kids want to hit the trails, then a new Fatboy 20 or 24 would be excellent options. 2016-specialized-hellga-comp-ladies-hardtail-fat-mountain-bike-blue

It’s just. Plain. FUN. Anyone who rides fat will tell you it’s just an absolute ball. Forget the usual performance metrics you use to define many other rides, and just get out for a laugh. Sometimes the conditions are slippery, and other times it’ll spin like a dream. Sometimes you’ll have to hop off and push while others you’ll careen down a snowy hill with an ecstatic whoop of joy. In the end, no matter what’s going on, you’re out cycling and having fun on your own or with friends. This is the most important part of cycling, and a solid fat bike brings you back to the basics in a big way — no pun intended.

So come on in and check our available stock of fat bikes TODAY! We have plenty in store of all shapes and sizes, built for riders of all ages. Take a peek online here if you live out of town, and should you wish to pick one up then it’s no problem to arrange a means of shipping directly to you wherever you are. Please call 1 709 634 7100 if you have any questions!