Guten tag, Cycle Solutions!

This weekend, Corner Brook had a special visit from Germany! The visitors guide for the day, wildlife biologist Isabelle Schmelzer, took them out for a mountain bike adventure in York Harbour, while we provided the bikes and support.

The visitors are a film crew that is currently shooting the seventh season of a travel TV show, “Verrückt nach Meer”, which translates to “Longing for the Sea”. The show highlights life on a cruise ship, ‘The Artania’, as well the culture of the various port cities that they visit.

This team was tasked with filming local scenery, as well as getting the scoop on local wildlife, so Isabelle was a natural fit as guide. This visit to Corner Brook is just one stop of many!

Isabelle explaining the finer points of Moose biology, in German no less!

The day was a great adventure for both film crew and guide alike.

And we here at Cycle Solutions we happy to be on board with this adventure!