A New Year, A New You, A New Sport

The New Year is another chance for us to get it right and you should start out on the right foot!

For many people getting fit is their number 1 goal, but changing that resolution into a lifelong habit can be a challenge, especially when you don’t know where to start.

Often people take on too much too fast and don’t find an activity that they truly love! Getting active isn’t just about building up those muscles, but also (more importantly) about having fun.

Newfoundland is a great place to try out some new wintersports and, often, the skills you build up in the winter are transferable into a similar sport for the warmer seasons.

Let’s take a look!

Photo Cred: Dawn Leja

Fat biking in the winter, mountain biking in the summer

We can’t get enough of this wintersport and we think you’ll feel the same, once you try it. Fat bikes have large tires with a lower PSI so you can just float over the snow. In Corner Brook we have a dedicated group of fat bikers who meet every week, so you’ll also certainly be in good company.

Plus, if you do fall over, no big deal! You’re only falling on snow, after all.

And fat bikes don’t only work in the snow. Many people use them year-round because they work in all kinds of conditions. If you find you want to move into mountain biking for the warmer months, the endurance, leg muscles, and core strength you’ll have built up over the winter will certainly come in handy.

Rocky Mountain carries a number of fat bike options that can work around a range of budgets. Check out the 2018 Blizzard line by clicking HERE.

You can make it your year goal to take part in the West Coast Cycling Association’s mountain bike races!

Photo Cred: Dawn Leja

Snowshoe in the winter, hiking in the summer

If you have a bit of an adventurous spirit that’s just dying to get out and explore the untouched trails, snowshoeing can be the perfect way to unleash your inner wildchild. Anywhere can be your trail (as long as you have a good sense of direction or GPS)! Strap on a backpack (we have plenty from Thule) and make a day of it.

We carry MSR and Tubbs snowshoes, as well as poles. This can also be a great activity for the entire family!

And snowshoeing can be the perfect way to train for a big hiking trip in the summer. You’ll have practice navigating tricky trails, carrying a pack, and using a GPS.  Make it your goal to hike the Long Range Transverse this year!

Photo Cred: Tim MacKenzie

Cross-country + backcountry ski in the winter, trail run in the summer

Whether it’s skating over a freshly groomed trail or carving your own path in the backcountry of Gros Morne, skiing takes winter to an entirely new level. There’s a reason cross-country skiing is toted as being one of the best work-outs, as you use every part of your body to propel yourself forward!

When it comes to backcountry skiing, we carry options from Madshus, G3, and Fischer. Each of the models are designed for different skiing styles, so ask us for help in finding you the right pair.

There are cross-country clubs across the province and we can outfit you with a pair of classic or skate skis. If you’re looking for a bit of camaraderie while out on the trails, taking part in your local club’s activities is a great way to meet people and to pick up new skills. The locally-run groups also often offer adult clinics.

Skiing can really get you in shape for ANY summer activity, but if you love zipping through the forest then you’ll love trail running. It’s also a full-body activity and will definitely get your heart-pumping. You can also make it your goal to race in the Gros Morne Trail Run that takes place in September!

Spin classes during the winter, road cycling in the summer

You’ll never feel so free as when you hit the road on your bike, feel the wind in your face, and pedal away your worries. You can certainly outfit yourself in some winter cycling clothes and hardier tires and take to the road this season (and we have all the gear to help you along the way), but we also offer spin classes!

You can rent or bring your own indoor trainer and our instructors will take you along a sweat session that will keep you coming back for more. You can follow along at your own pace and feel kinship as your suffer (in a good way) with your other cyclists!

We carry Tacx indoor trainers and to learn more about our spin classes, click HERE!

In the summer, we store our indoor trainers and take to the roads, often with the same group of people you were spinning with in the winter. We have road bikes from Cervelo, Giant, Specialized and more!

The West Coast Cycling Association also offers races throughout the summer season, so make it your New Year’s goal to take part in one of the many rides!

We hope this gives you some ideas on how to reach your New Year’s Fitness goals! If you have any questions, give us a call at (709)634-7100 or email us at info@cyclesolutions.ca.