About Us

After ten years in business on the West Coast of Newfoundland, Cycle Solutions is still pedaling strong into the future!

After opening in 2003 with a humble one-showroom location on Brook St, Cycle Solutions has since expanded exponentially; taking residence on Maple Valley Rd, and finally ending up on West St in 2006. This excellent location is what they now call home, enjoying all the space they need in their massive upstairs showroom, featuring industry leading brands from the Cycling World. Downstairs houses the apparel and running sections, featuring high quality and comfortable brands that will get the customer out in any season!

Despite the 3 moves in all that time, a few important things have always remained constant: friendly, knowledgeable sales staff, top-notch bike repairs & servicing, and high quality bicycles at affordable prices.  Cycle Solutions also remains dedicated to upholding the standards of customer service and satisfaction that they have set in their decade of business!

When speaking about his 10th year, entrepreneurial owner Peter Ollerhead said that ultimately the biggest goal has always been to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle in Corner Brook & surrounding areas, and provide the means & positive arena for such activities. From the very beginning they set about organizing local cycling events and groups, adding running to the list with the Extreme 15 Canada run, and in the past few years these efforts have culminated in the revival of the Corner Brook Triathlon as of 2009. Each year the number of local cyclists grows to include people of all ages, taking on a life of its own and building a community of folks looking to stay fit, have fun, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors that this West Coast has to offer—whether they participate in the weekly group road rides, or join in the building of and riding on the ‘Ginger Route’, Corner Brook’s locally built single track Mountain Biking trail (almost near completion).

With all of this in mind, the past ten years have been a resounding success and the future looks very bright indeed, with many adventures to come on the asphalt horizon.

Thanks for a wonderful ten years everyone, and here’s to ten more!