Bike Swap + Expo 2017

It’s Springtime and people are eyeing up some new bikes for the 2017 season. We here at Cycle Solutions want to make it easier for you to reach your cycling goals, so this year we’re starting up the first annual Bike Swap + Expo! Here’s how it’ll work….

You bring us your old bike and we’ll sell it for you! It’s that simple. The money from that sale will go onto your account and can be put towards a new bike or gear.

Here are the nitty gritty details:

  • Bike owners will get 100% of the sale of their used bike as in-store credit
  • Bike owners give us a set range for how much they’d like to sell their bike for (e.g between $80 to $100) and the staff at Cycle Solutions will negotiate on their behalf.
  • Bike must be in good working order OR bike owner has to pay for it to be serviced OR include that in the price for the new owner to pay.
  • Bikes can be dropped off at any time, but once they are dropped off, they have to stay here until they are sold or until May 20th. Bike owner must present photo ID in order to drop off bike
  • If the bike is not sold by Saturday, May 20th, then they must be picked up by the end of the day on Monday, May 22nd. If they are not, you’ll be charged a storage fee of $10.
  • Cycle Solutions is not liable for condition of bike or any subsequent issues that may arise. We are merely a selling agent and do not represent the owner
  • HST will be applied to the sale of the used bike

Cycle Solutions will also be highlighting some of our new bikes and will have ongoing sales throughout the two weeks. Stay tuned to our social media pages because we’ll be posting about the used bikes that come in and the new bikes that you may want to invest in.