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Summer Events Schedule

Happy 2017, friends! We hope you’ve enjoyed it thus far. The winter has been spectacular this year, with fat biking and skiing galore — both at Blow Me Down, and in the backcountry of our beautiful Western Newfoundland.

We’ve been enjoying it, and hope you have to. But all things must come to an end, and as the snow melts we’ll be hitting the roads and trails in a big way this year! So, without further ado, here is what our events calendar looks like for the coming 2017 spring, summer and fall!  Read More

We’re Hiring! Marketing, Outreach and Community Events Manager.

Brewed Awakening and Cycle Solutions are looking for a dynamic, talented and energetic individual to fill the role of Marketing, Outreach and Community Events Manager in Corner Brook, Newfoundland & Labrador. This full-time job is intended to start the first week of March 2017, but if you see it here it is still available!

Duties, split between the two companies, will include (but not be limited to): Read More

Big ‘Ol Fun: Five Reasons to Ride Fat

It’s time to start riding fat, friends!

The benefits of a good winter ride are far reaching, no matter your background. The Fat Biking craze hasn’t caught on as a lark — it’s practical for many different reasons, and we’ll take a second of your time to outline them all below.

Winter Adventure: One of the primary reasons fat bikes are popular now is because of their ability to float in snow, making for yet another great winter sport — and means of commuting. If you’re looking to save some money on gas but can’t ride your spring/ summer commuter, then think of adding a Fat Bike into your arsenal! This versatile ride can handle anything you throw at it, which includes the salty slush of a wintry Main St. It’ll get you from point A to B faster than if you decided to run or walk, and it’ll keep your fitness in check along the way… Read More

Winter Events Schedule

Winter is here! We have plenty of soft powder to play in, and couldn’t be more excited to get out and have a blast. It’s going to be an awesome season, and we’ve got a quick schedule of events for you to mark off on your calendars! Read More

Spin Is Back

It’s here, folks!

The local cultural sporting phenomenon that has captivated a town — Spin Class is once again back in Corner Brook! Starting up on January the 9th, it will take place every Monday Tuesday and Thursday from 7pm – 8pm (or later, sometimes) weekly until the snow melts and the roads free up again, which at this rate may be July some time?  Read More

2016 Holiday Buyer’s Guide: Chapter Three

For our final 2016 Christmas Gift Guide installment, we wanted to highlight the accessories. These are the easy to pick up items and the essentials that will make any Christmas gift even more special. Either buy them on their own, or pick them up alongside any one of our other bigger items. Read More

Why Wool Underwear?

Merino Wool is just the best. Its versatility is unmatched in the wide world of fabrics, and to make things better it is all natural as well as sustainable!

This is why we love Icebreaker so much here at Cycle Solutions. Ethically produced with great style, it really is a super brand. It is also highly innovative, with the advent of MerinoLoft insulation — their warmest and most remarkable technology (you can read a little bit more about it here).

Today, though, we’d like to talk a little about underwear.  Read More

2016 Holiday Buyer’s Guide: Chapter Two

Round two! This week on our Christmas buyer’s guide, we’re looking at the mid-range. Budget-conscious big-ticket items that will be incredibly special but stay kind to your intended price limits. The range here would be anywhere between $50 – $200 before taxes, but quite literally be the gifts that keep on giving in quality and functionality! Read More

Black Friday Bike Sales

Hello, friends!

Black Friday is upon us, coming up tomorrow in fact. It’s a big-box concept, but that doesn’t mean folks can’t still enjoy amazing prices when they shop local! To participate, we have dropped prices on apparel and accessories in store, but we are particularly excited to showcase our sale bikes. We have many old-stock steeds for your perusal, which we simply must sell! To make for easy browsing, we’ve decided to summarize the deals for you right here:  Read More