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The Growth of Mountain Biking in Corner Brook

In mountain biking, it’s all about the struggle of the climb to enjoy the ecstasy of the ride back down.

The West Coast Cycling Association has been working hard for years to build local trails in the Corner Brook area, including the Ginger Route and now Curry Climb. It’s a labour of love, with a lot of volunteer hours and planning behind the scenes. This week the association got a huge boost to make the trail building climb just a little bit easier

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Winter Gear Swap

If you have some gear you want to get rid of or maybe you want to upgrade?
Then, come by our…

Winter Gear Swap!

Bring us your used gear and we’ll sell it for you. 100% of the money from that sale will go onto your account and can be put towards a new bike or gear.

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Keep in Cycling Form

It’s 8:00pm, -30C outside with the windchill and there’s a snowdrift covering your door. You’ve been stuck inside all day and are dying to move. What do you do?

We all love getting outside to exercise when we can, but sometimes the weather is just too frightful to be delightful. It’s times like these that your indoor trainer can be your new best friend.

We here at the shop carry a wide-range of trainers from Tacx, as well as all of the accessories you’ll need to get yourself sorted.

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Explore More with Backcountry Skiing

Tenerife, Gros Morne (near the Tablelands)

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” – Fellowship of the Rings

When travelling in the outdoors, you never know where your adventures will take you. Backcountry skis allow you to explore places you never thought possible. You can ski up any hill and float your way down on some powder, as long as you have the right equipment to take you there.

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Guten tag, Cycle Solutions!

This weekend, Corner Brook had a special visit from Germany! The visitors guide for the day, wildlife biologist Isabelle Schmelzer, took them out for a mountain bike adventure in York Harbour, while we provided the bikes and support.

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The Turkey Drop Sale!

The time spent with our summer stock has been great, but now it has to go!

On October 6th and 7th we’re having a massive clear-out sale on all summer-related items. Save $100s of dollars on bikes, apparel, and more.

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Bike ‘n Brew: Sunday, October 15th


The inaugural year, this event combines the best of both worlds: mountain biking and beer.

We start off the day with a family-friendly scavenger hunt on two-wheels as we whip through the locally-built trails of Massey Drive and Corner Brook. Take on the challenge on your own, as a team, or as a family and try to find the hidden spots over 20kms. The person with the most spots found is the winner, with additional prizes for the first person/group at some locations.

Then, at 5:00pm, the 19+ riders and general public will join us at the Town Hall in Massey Drive for a Beer Tasting with Port Rexton Brewing. Have a few pints of their acclaimed brew as the creators explain the art behind each beer and the taste palate. We’ll also serve a supper provided by Brewed Awakening of chili, cornbread, and dessert. Sign-up to our shuttle service and have you + your bike driven home at the end of a rewarding day of Biking ‘n Brew!

Tickets must be purchased online. Limited number accepted to the beer tasting. Save $5 on the Brew Portion of the event, if you register before 9pm on September 30th.

Tickets for Bike Ride include:

  • scavenger hunt through 20km of trails
  • Prizes
  • Post-bike snacks

Tickets for Beer Tasting include:

  • Guided beer tasting from the owners of Port Rexton Brewing
  • One additional pint of beer
  • Supper provided by Brewed Awakening: chili, cornbread, dessert, finger foods
  • Optional shuttle service (limited room)
  • Draw prizes

All of the profits from this event go towards the West Coast Cycling Association. We’re a non-profit group that hosts local events and builds mountain bike trails on the West Coast of Newfoundland.