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IMPACT Volunteers

We need YOU.

This coming weekend marks another IMPACT Road Race weekend — a stage race for cyclists of all abilities. It takes place in both spectacular Steady Brook as well as stellar Pasadena, making it a truly unique Humber Valley experience. Participants join us from across the island as well as Atlantic Canada to strut their stuff. We’re super excited to put it off for another year!

HOWEVER this event can’t happen without the help of a dedicated crew of enthusiastic volunteers. In order for the event to take place safely and efficiently, we must have course marshals to direct traffic and folks to occupy our water stops — just to name a few.

We’ve decided to outline the details of each position in the hopes that people will step forward and select what they would specifically like to do! Once they’ve touched base we’ll communicate further on responsibilities and times to show up. Hopefully this will allow for more efficient Saturday/ Sunday mornings.  Read More


Online Registration for IMPACT 2016 is now LIVE!

This is our first West Coast Road Race of the season — an exciting two-day spin through the varied terrain of Pasadena, located in the heart of our Humber Valley.

Racers will spend the first stage on May 28th fighting against their personal best on the Steady Brook Time Trial track, 15k along Marble Drive. Stage two will take place on the following day, taking racers on a lap race on the roads of our favourite sleepy Newfoundland town. There are 80k, 64k and 40k options depending on your level of skill!

Please note: Registration for the weekend is ONLINE ONLY and available here.

BNL licensing is also required. You can see more information about that here.

Read More

BNL Licensing

With IMPACT 2016 on the Horizon and our summer events series picking up momentum, it’s time for everyone to start picking up their licenses!

You can do so by visiting their website, linked here.

The reason we mention this is because BNL no longer processes paper applications. We can not register you on the day-of for events, and one-day licenses are a one time deal. Once you are registered, though, you are able to participate in events across the island at no extra cost.

We also request that people who plan on attending our weekly group rides please register for at least a general membership. This includes our Thursday road rides, Tuesday MTB rides as well as our bi-monthly Time Trial rides. This provides insurance in the event of any incidents while riding. Read More

Bonne Bay Loop

The mercury is rising in thermostats around the island, and we’re all dusting off the winter blues. Snow is slowly melting back into rivers and streams all over, opening up endless riding possibilities. The May 24th long weekend is upon us once more.

This means one of our favorite events of the year! The Hill and Back Bonne Bay Loop is a spectacular ride through Gros Morne National Park’s varied and gorgeous terrain, where happy campers and moose peacefully coexist.

We’d love to see you out for it! Read More

Trail Build!

Back again for another exciting season.

In 2015 we successfully clued up the awesome Ginger Route and moved our way up to Massey Drive, carving out some sweet trails with incredible views of Corner Brook and the Bay Of Islands. This coming year we hope to keep the momentum going!  Read More

Mother’s Day

Yes, you should appreciate Mother all year ’round.

There’s one day set aside especially though, and it’s coming up this Sunday!

So, why not spoil Mom with some Icebreaker? Read More

Five Reasons To Shop Local This Easter (And All Year)

If you don’t yet follow Cycling Magazine on Twitter or Facebook, you definitely should. They have a number of great tips on nutrition and training for Cyclists. They also advocate for Local Bike Shops, and put together this great article on the hidden costs of buying department store bicycles.

With Easter just around the corner we felt inspired to add a few things to their list. When you’re buying a bicycle from your LBS, there’s more behind the price tag than what you walk out of the store with. Read More

Clear your head, go snowshoeing.

By Colin Fowlow, Special to The Blog

This month I did something I never thought I’d do… I rekindled my love of snowshoeing.

It’s hard to remember why I stopped in the first place. Two years ago I wouldn’t be caught dead passing up a night under the stars. But over time I guess I subconsciously gathered the notion that snowshoeing is lame (which it’s not). It might be because all the other activities I do are so physically demanding that snowshoeing just got lost in the shuffle. Cross-country skiing, sweat-filled trainer rides, gym sessions; I got so used to working hard that eventually I started associating every winter activity with training. With that in mind, snowshoeing just seemed like a wast of time. It’s just recently that I remembered the joy you can get from doing something just for fun. Read More