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Windy, Wet, Wintery Wonderful

By Ryan David Butt, Social Media Coordinator

“Riding at 9:15 at Cycle”.

Succinct. To the point. I’d missed these messages, and didn’t even know it. A quick night-before heads up for the following day’s adventure to… anywhere. After so long away from home, it’s nice to settle back into a regular riding groove with good pals and actual hills. I smiled.

Only thing is, I’m used to getting these texts in the summer.

It’s February 20th.

…Oh boy. Read More

Lake Cycling’s New Winter Essential: MXZ 303

 By Colin Fowlow, Special to the blog

Sharp, throbbing, unbearable pain. — That’s what I felt in my feet as I hobbled back in the shop after my winter training ride. I’d put off buying proper winter cycling shoes, rather, substituting them with my trusty mountain bike shoe and bootie setup. Unfortunately it was becoming increasingly obvious that my faithful ‘water repellent’ combo was no match for subzero degree road slush. In fact, this was the third time I lost all feeling in my toes within the span of a week. So out of concern for my training, my extremities, and my overall comfort on the bike, I bit the bullet and rung up a pair of Lake MXZ 303s for myself. Read More

2016 Events Calendar

NOTE: we have swapped some dates! Impact Time Trial and Road Race will occur on the last weekend of May, and the Mudslide Race #2 will occur on the first weekend of June! Dates in the article. 


As a blizzard whips up outside the shop, we’re thinking of summer.

Road rides with pals. Muddy adventures through the woods. Trail-Building with the whole family. Late nights sipping brews outside on the patio. Early mornings getting in some Rapha Rising climbs (ouch).

2015 was a stellar year for events on the West Coast, and we’re super excited to keep the momentum going. Old favourites such as Impact and Extreme 15 are returning, along with some new ideas we’re looking forward to starting (Cyclocross, anyone?).

So without further ado, here is our 2016 events calendar for the Spring, Summer and Autumn cycling seasons. Read More

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The little things to say “I Love You. And cycling. I love you, and cycling.”

Biking has some pretty sexy benefits.

The bonding experience you get spinning with a loved one — or one you’d like to love (cycling adventures make a great first date).  The tight clothes, too. The increased stamina.

Heck, anything you do outdoors is an aphrodisiac of some kind. Skiing and snowshoeing during the winter mean cozy nights apres ski, cuddling under a blanket. When you’re hiking and camping during the summer, nothing beats a night under the stars… in the tent.

As such, we’ve decided to put together a list of in-store gifts to get your favorite riding partner. These will help you gear up for your next intimate adventure, no matter what journey lies ahead. Read More

Winter Cycling: Made For The West Coast


You’re cruising along the skidoo trail out behind Lewis Hills and it’s a beautiful day. It’s overcast but bright, and the “road” ahead is well groomed from the many snowmobiles who have gone before you. The scenery is breath taking, but suddenly you’ve got to slow down…

Not for a moose. Or a caribou. Or even some Nordic Skiers, swish swishing down the hard-packed powder.

No b’y, it’s somebody on a fat bike. They pass by and crank it out up the hill behind you. As they crest the top and disappear over the other side, all you can hear (over the roar of your engine) is a jubilant cyclist yelling “WHEEEEEEEEEEEE”.  Read More

Ol’ Cabot The Great One : C.S. Crew’s Epic Adventure (Day 2)

A peek over the covers and I notice the rest of the room starting to stir. Last night’s sleep was great! I even had the whole bed to myself. After laying there for a few more minutes, I get up and haul on my kit. Bottles are filled and tires are pumped, then one at a time we make our way over the crushed stone to the lodge. Strava says I burned 4,000+ calories yesterday and I definitely believe it. My stomach is grumbling and I end up eating breakfast like a horse. Bacon, eggs, ham, toast, and a pot of tea. Not necessarily the cleanest pre-ride breakfast, but I eat when I can.

Spirits are higher today. I’m not nervous at all. There’s something about having Peter as van support that makes me feel invincible. There’s no question in my mind whether or not I can complete today’s ride. Today’s all about the bike; it’s all for fun.

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Secrets to Successful Skiing

So, you want to start Cross Country skiing?

Good for you!

Cross Country Skiing is easily the winter sport with the most health benefits. It is a cardio exercise that works almost every muscle in your entire body.

Don’t get us wrong; snowboarding is great, and downhill skiing is a thrill. If you’re looking for wicked cardio and a full body workout, it’s hard to match XC skiing. It can also take you anywhere there is snow. A snowmobile may be speedy, but a pair of back country skis can let you enjoy the scenery along the way.

Naturally, the proper gear is a key to getting the maximum amount of fun out of each adventure.

At Cycle Solutions, we get it. We are the nordic nerds. Before fat bikes rolled around, our winter training was (and still is, really) a day gliding along Blow Me Down’s beautifully groomed routes. A ski trip into the gazebo will forever hold a place in our hearts and let’s not forget the toutons. Read More

Ol’ Cabot The Great One : C.S. Crew’s Epic Adventure (Day 1)

IMG_0006I lean my head against the van window, the sun is rising and I feel the cold frosted glass on my cheek. A quick glance around at the others in the van and I can’t help but smirk. Partly from the thought of riding my bike, but mostly from the different expressions on everyone’s faces. Nervous, relaxed, giddy, calm. The one thing we all have in common is the twisted desire to push our bodies around the Cabot Trail. Read More

Hello, Fall





Crisp. Colourful. Awesome.

Fall is the time of year where you layer up in warm clothes and enjoy a hot mug of something tasty. It’s also a great excuse to get out, because sunshine doesn’t mean you’ll melt! The cool breeze will keep you nice and refreshed while you enjoy the shifting colours of the leaves on our beautiful trails. Read More