We Finance

No, seriously! We can finance your bike. Thanks to our pals at financeit.ca, getting the bicycle of your dreams is within reach.

Check to see if you qualify by visiting https://www.financeit.ca/s/6Kd8bg

You should never have to compromise when it comes to your fitness. This is why we partnered with FinanceIt — to make the perfect ride perfectly attainable. Here’s how it works:

8c1e25d4-139c-4254-b22e-f73aa7cffe81Step One – Come on in and let us help you find the perfect bike. We have all kinds of bicycles in all shapes and sizes to fit you and your goals. Whether you’re just looking for a light cruise or some long distances, we can definitely help you out.

Step Two – Accessories: The right gear will make or break your ride. Don’t let an uncomfortable saddle discourage you from the open roads — get a pair of padded shorts instead! Keep your noggin safe with an expertly fitted helmet (it’s the law), and maybe even grab a pair of protective eyewear to keep away the grit and grime. We offer 15% OFF all accessories with the purchase of a bicycle, so you’ll be saving when you purchase it all together!

Step Three – Bundle it. We take the total dollar value once everything is added up with taxes, and plug it into FinanceIt. They’ll calculate your monthly payment amounts based on how long you’d like to take and BOOM, you’re all set to go. Choose from Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly payments, for 36 months.

Protip: An initial downpayment of at least 30% of the total is advisable, since it lowers how much you’ll owe each month at the outset!

Here’s an example…5ebad365-b433-453f-adf6-83a66e971d3c

“WOW that Rocky Mountain Fusion 920 looks cool. I’ll take it!” ($949.99)

“I’ll also need some padded shorts, because I plan on riding a lot.” (Approx $149.99)

“It’s the law to wear a helmet, too. Better pick one up!” (Approx $149.99)

“Now we have to add those pesky taxes…” ($187.49)

Total comes to $1437.48

FinanceIt Options – based on an (approximately) $1500 loan.

Interest Rate – 14.99%

36 Month equal payment plan

  • $51.99 per month

Once we have all of this sorted out, we’ll just need to do a credit check…


  • Drivers license info including birth date and home address
  • Housing status (own, rent, etc.) and how long there
  • Gross Monthly income and monthly housing costs
  • Employer, industry, occupation and how long at current employer (years, months)

There will be a credit bureau hit on Equifax for customer.

Financing is subject to qualification, and final interest rate, terms and conditions will be based on approved credit (OAC)

Once customer is approved for loan they may choose to pay loan off early.  They will then have to contact FInanceIt directly to work out an arrangement on how they wish to proceed (i.e. pay lump sum, increase monthly payments, etc.)