Keep in Cycling Form

It’s 8:00pm, -30C outside with the windchill and there’s a snowdrift covering your door. You’ve been stuck inside all day and are dying to move. What do you do?

We all love getting outside to exercise when we can, but sometimes the weather is just too frightful to be delightful. It’s times like these that your indoor trainer can be your new best friend.

We here at the shop carry a wide-range of trainers from Tacx, as well as all of the accessories you’ll need to get yourself sorted.


Let’s start with some rollers!

These are perfect for working on your bike handling, pedal stroke, and coordination. You won’t have as much output as typical trainers, but they are deadly quiet and require minimal set-up. They are suitable for all bikes with a wheel diameter of 26in to 29in.

Blue Twist

The Blue Twist is the most basic of the trainers and comes in at the cheapest price.

It’s great for a beginner or someone who’s a bit budget-conscious. The cyclist adjusts the resistance manually using the switch on the magnetic brake or can set it up prior to working out. It can be switched to 7 different positions and is suitable for race, tri,and MTB. It also comes with a quick release and requires no electricity.


The Booster is the most advanced of the basic trainers.

The resistance is controlled by a handlebar lever to switch between the 10 available positions.  It’s also the only basic trainer with a closed resistance unit, meaning it’s much quieter. This package comes with its own front wheel support, as well as a quick release.

NEO Smart

This trainer takes things to an entirely new level and is the most sophisticated of them all. You’ve tried the basic trainers and rollers and now you’re looking for something more.

Tacx describes the NEO Smart as the most silent and powerful of its indoor trainers, to date.  It has a real direct drive, in that it doesn’t use any physical transitions…no belt, no roller, and no wheel. It perfectly mimics what it’s like to go up on a steep climb and (maybe its neatest feature) it actually mimics different kinds of road surfaces, such as gravel and cobblestone. Connect it with your computer or phone for live results on your ride.

This trainer comes with a front wheel support, quick release and discount card for Upgrade Smart valued at €100 in the Tacx online shop. The only downside is that it only is suitable for certain bikes/cassettes, but you can check with us to see if it’ll fit your ride.

Interested in a bike trainer? Come by the shop and we can find the right one for you. We’ll also make sure you go home with all the right accessories, including a made-for-indoor-cycling blue tire.