Longer days ahead!

To say the weather has been harsh this winter season is an understatement.  With the rain and thaws stealing away the snow at times, it has been particularly difficult to get out and enjoy some healthy, active winter adventures.  Thankfully February has blessed us with a nice layer of snow and with any luck we will hang on to it for just a little longer.  There is still plenty of good winter fun to be had before the white stuff finally leaves us.

In many peoples opinion some of the best conditions for outdoor winter activity – be it skiing or snowboarding, snowshoeing or fat biking – occur late in the season.  With Spring right around the corner, the suns rays get a little warmer and the days longer giving us more time to enjoy that sunshine. Back-country, downhill and cross-country skiing can be done in just a sweatshirt at times (and I’ve heard of some crazies skiing in t-shirts).  We currently have a end of season sale offering big savings of up to 40% off on our ski packages.  We carry options of Fisher, Madshus, and G3.  If you are looking to get started in skiing or if you are in need of an upgrade come stop by our shop and have a look.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the day and go on a snowshoeing or fat-biking adventure to any of the picturesque spots in the province.  This province can be a photographers dream with the snow and beautiful blue sky as a backdrop.  Come have a look at our MSR and Tubbs snowshoe packages and take up to 20% off.  We are also offering 25% off our Fatbikes.

We need to embrace these days, being active and getting outside.  Even though the first part of the season was less than ideal for winter sports, we can all get out and make the last part of the season a memorable one.



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