Rentals that are more than 2 units will require a 24 hour notice to ensure that rental units are available.

An additional charge will occur if rentals are returned past rental period.

Our Rental fleet consists of modern high quality Snowshoes

If you are joining us for a group Snowshoe Tour on Friday night our Rental cost is ½ Price for $5



We have a rental fleet of Mountain Bikes, Sport Road Bikes, and Fat bikes. A water bottle cage, water bottle, bicycle helmet, and a spare inner tube are included with all rentals.

Call today to make your reservation 1-709-634-7100 or Contact Us

Mountain Bike Pricing

Standard Bike Pro Bike
1/2 Day (4 hours) $25 $50
Full Day $35 $70
Weekend (3 Days and 2 Nights) $60 $120
Full Week $185 $365
2 Weeks $260 $515

Road Bike Pricing

1/2 Day (4 hours) $40
Full Day $55
Weekend (3 Days and 2 Nights) $100
Full Week $250
2 Weeks $400


Premium Road Bike Select premium models available, additional costs will apply, please contact us for more details by calling 709-634-7100 or email



Shuttle Service

(One-Way Pick-Up or Drop-Off.)

Corner Brook
$12 CAD
Steady Brook
$22 CAD
Humber Valley
$45 CAD
Deer Lake
$75 CAD
$92 CAD


*Shuttle service is provided for tour and rental clients only.

Fat bike Rental

Half Day (4 Hours)  $50
Full Day  $70
Weekend Rental  $120
Week Rental  $365
 2 Week Rental  $515


Snowshoe Rental

Day Rental for customer to rent on their own  $10
Friday Night Snowshoe Tour:Snowshoe Rental (½ price)  $5
Weekend Rental  $25
Week Rental  $60

*HST Included