Tips for competing in a Triathlon




Whether you have a couple of Triathlons under your belt or you are trying one for the first time there are a few things that can help get you through.  Here are a few tips on completing your first Tri.


  1. Make sure to fuel 24 hours before. – Be mindful of your diet the day before the race keeping your intake adequate and nutritious.
  2. Finish your morning meal a couple of hours before the race starts. – Again be sure to fuel with nutritious food and not donuts for example.
  3. Don’t drink just because you are nervous – Sip water leading up to race start and approximately eight minutes before the race begins start on your drink replacement or gel.
  4. Map out the transition area – Take note of the entrance to transition area in relation to the way you enter from the swim course, where your bike is located, and the run out area.  Maybe even walk yourself through the motions.
  5. Mentally rehearse the way things have been laid out in the transition area. – Go over, in your mind, the order in which you will put your bike gear and run gear on.
  6. Warm up – This is an important one.  Twenty minutes before you start it is a good idea to get your heart rate up to the aerobic zone.
  7. Review Swim Course – Familiarize yourself with the swim course maps.  If possible swim the course beforehand.  Go over the turns in your mind.
  8. Review Bike Course – Review the bike course map.  When racking your bike in the transition area make sure it is in an easy gear.  When you begin your ride start out slowly and ease up to your comfortable gear.  After the bike course don’t hurry into transition area 2. If it is  wet it can be slippery.
  9. Review Bike Course/Ease into the run – Similar to the bike portion, start the run portion slowly and ramp up for the run.  Ease into it.  Also try to stand tall and keep good posture throughout the run.
  10. Don’t eat anything in the transition areas – The body needs to sometimes adjust to the change in activities before it takes in food,  so carry food on the course with you and you can eat once you get going for a bit.