Swipe Right on our Spin Instructors


The fitness world can be a savage place and finding the “right” instructor can be just a struggle.

We’re here to make it easy for you and introduce you to our “Spinder” crew at Cycle Solutions:

Jamie Buffett has been teaching spin class for five years and nothing is slowing him down. After a couple of warm up sets there are a series of structured sets in climbing, speed variances and endurance that are different each class. These are all easy to follow and are accompanied with lots of instruction that allow you to tailor your gears to your fitness level. And of course encouragement and motivation!!


Peter Ollerhead is an old hat when it comes to spin classes, which means he’s had 15 years to hone his pain-inducing skills. You can go at your own pace, but be prepared to sweat as you follow along through the intervals to happy-go-lucky music. The classes will include a few solid warm up sets with a virtual group ride through one of our local routes. You’ll follow along while we climb, descend and roll through western NL.


Angel McCarthy took up cycling a couple of years ago and has been addicted to the ride ever since.Angel‘s spin class will lead you through a warm up, followed by structured intervals for strength and endurance. Next up is a spontaneous ride (hills, dog attacks, or races to the finish line), before finishing off with a cool down spin and stretch. You can expect a party like atmosphere with upbeat music and themed rides!

Richard Bradley has been cycling for two years and coached spin for a year in St. John’s before moving to the West Coast. His classes are high energy and upbeat, with positive music to get your legs burning, you heart rate up and to put a smile on your face. Leave all your day-to-day worries at the door and join in these classes.


Monday @ 7pm with Angel

Tuesday @ 7pm with Jamie

Thursday @ 7pm with Peter

Thursday @ 8:15pm with Richard

Upstairs at 63 Broadway Avenue