Keep in Cycling Form

It’s 8:00pm, -30C outside with the windchill and there’s a snowdrift covering your door. You’ve been stuck inside all day and are dying to move. What do you do?

We all love getting outside to exercise when we can, but sometimes the weather is just too frightful to be delightful. It’s times like these that your indoor trainer can be your new best friend.

We here at the shop carry a wide-range of trainers from Tacx, as well as all of the accessories you’ll need to get yourself sorted.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The little things to say “I Love You. And cycling. I love you, and cycling.”

Biking has some pretty sexy benefits.

The bonding experience you get spinning with a loved one — or one you’d like to love (cycling adventures make a great first date).  The tight clothes, too. The increased stamina.

Heck, anything you do outdoors is an aphrodisiac of some kind. Skiing and snowshoeing during the winter mean cozy nights apres ski, cuddling under a blanket. When you’re hiking and camping during the summer, nothing beats a night under the stars… in the tent.

As such, we’ve decided to put together a list of in-store gifts to get your favorite riding partner. These will help you gear up for your next intimate adventure, no matter what journey lies ahead. Read More