Buy It Once, Buy It Right — For Two Sports!

Nordic Skiing and Cycling: a match made in sport heaven. Both disciplines are the perfect complimentary off-season training companions for each other, considering cardio and also which muscles get a workout. It’s why we turn into your local nordic nerds once the snow hits, and why you’ll see us on Blow Me Down’s Ski Trails on evenings and weekends when we aren’t snowshoeing or spinning!

When it comes to apparel, Cross-Country and Cycling gear also mix and match perfectly.

Let’s go through it all, from the top down. Read More

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The little things to say “I Love You. And cycling. I love you, and cycling.”

Biking has some pretty sexy benefits.

The bonding experience you get spinning with a loved one — or one you’d like to love (cycling adventures make a great first date).  The tight clothes, too. The increased stamina.

Heck, anything you do outdoors is an aphrodisiac of some kind. Skiing and snowshoeing during the winter mean cozy nights apres ski, cuddling under a blanket. When you’re hiking and camping during the summer, nothing beats a night under the stars… in the tent.

As such, we’ve decided to put together a list of in-store gifts to get your favorite riding partner. These will help you gear up for your next intimate adventure, no matter what journey lies ahead. Read More