Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The little things to say “I Love You. And cycling. I love you, and cycling.”

Biking has some pretty sexy benefits.

The bonding experience you get spinning with a loved one — or one you’d like to love (cycling adventures make a great first date).  The tight clothes, too. The increased stamina.

Heck, anything you do outdoors is an aphrodisiac of some kind. Skiing and snowshoeing during the winter mean cozy nights apres ski, cuddling under a blanket. When you’re hiking and camping during the summer, nothing beats a night under the stars… in the tent.

As such, we’ve decided to put together a list of in-store gifts to get your favorite riding partner. These will help you gear up for your next intimate adventure, no matter what journey lies ahead.

Beef Up Your Cooking Game 


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Essentials for the athlete in your life. These two books will water your mouth with delicious meals and snacks. Propose and intimate night in, and whip up any recipe without fear of losing your pre-season health. They also provide tips and education to help with your year-round nutrition!

Some meal highlights include:

Pasta Salad with Olives + Beets


Pizza with Tomatoes + Basil

Angel Food Cake


Red Lentil Rice Cakes

Mole Sauce

Mushroom & Thyme Bread Cake

Pair it with some delicious wine, then burn it off with an aerobic workout of any kind…

Winter Date Night 


Work up a sweat in the cold with any of our awesome snowshoes. There are a number of easy trails in and around Corner Brook, guaranteed to impress with a stunning view.

Afterwards, kick back at home with a delicious brew in one of our exclusive Cycle Solutions pint glasses.

Bonus: Keep them warm, always, with Icebreaker.



For When Things Get Wet and Dirty


Our Westcomb Softshells are 100% waterproof. With a superior range of movement and super-breathability, they are the ultimate piece of year round technical gear. Put a Down or Merino Loft jacket underneath and they will be nice and cozy in the backcountry.

During the summer, they are an efficient and packable rain coat.

Bonus: Granger’s performance wash will both cleanse and re-activate your technical gear, extending their lifetime by years.

Avoid any Friction


The perfect pair of bib tights will make the long rides more enjoyable, while Eurostyle cream will keep everything properly lubricated* for both guys and girls.

*Intended for cycling ONLY. Ahem.

Don’t Forget Your Pumps and Rubbers


Finally, Treat Them With Something Pretty


We have a number of great Cycling Inspired ornaments and jewelry to spoil the Cyclist you love most. These are environmentally sound gifts produced with re-purposed bike parts!

Right now we have a WICKED sale going on all of our apparel, snowshoes, skis and even FAT BIKES!  

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